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State College Juneteenth Celebrations

Here Locally, our Communities are also celebrating Juneteenth. In State College, hundreds of people poured into the Martin Luther King Junior Plaza to celebrate.

Juneteenth has served as a reminder of Freedom for many years since the final slaves in Galveston, Texas were emancipated. On Saturday, hundreds of people filed into MLK Plaza for music and fun in celebration of that joyful day a century and a half ago.

Earlier this week, President Biden put pen to paper to officially make the day a Federal Holiday, leaving State College NAACP President Lorraine Jones at a loss for words. Jones saying: “I, I mean I can’t even describe the words that I’m feeling knowing that it’s a Federal Holiday, knowing that the untold stories are being told, and people are recognizing the struggles of African Americans.”

Saturday marked the second year of Juneteenth Celebrations in State College, and Terry Watson says the Borough was instrumental in making this happen. Watson saying: “To us, the Borough is a really important part of this celebration and um, and last year, they actually had a proclamation that, for Juneteenth and this year was our second year so we, we’re just very excited.”

The Celebration doesn’t mean the work is done, but rather serves as a symbol of progress and strength. The Celebration was much larger this year without COVID headlining proceedings, which let the community get even closer. For all the positive work this day represents, Jones is just happy to be along for the ride, saying: “I’m so happy to be, and proud to be a part of this. It’s so empowering, and gives so much hope.”

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