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State College Military Law Caucus Remembrance

In State College at University Park the Military Law Caucus at Penn State held a 9/11 remembrance ceremony Today.

Dylan Huberman spoke with members of the organization following the gathering. Dylan?

The memories of 9/11 remain fresh in the minds for many members in this organization

The group gathered outside of the law school’s Lewis Katz building earlier this Afternoon.

The Caucus began with a moment of silence to remember the ones who lost their lives in the tragedy.

MLC Treasurer Garvey McKee says preserving the memory of the sacrifices many men and women made twenty years ago is essential.

“It’s an important day where I reflect on the sacrifices that our first responders made, um, and, and, I just can’t fathom the, the decision and the bravery that went into their decisions to storm up the towers knowing that they probably weren’t coming back down, so I just feel a really intense weight on my shoulder to make sure we honor and…honor and respect their memory.”

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