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State College Police Handling Parties

With the return of Penn State students comes the rise in something Happy Valley didn’t have much of during the 20-20 school year. Parties.

Many apartments and fraternities have began to indulge in Sylly Week gatherings during the first week of the opening semester.

Without limitations on gatherings existing as they did last year, officials are concerned these parties could cause more problems than usual with the delta variant blazing through the commonwealth.

The State College Police Department is aware of this risk, and asks those in the community hosting such events to be as cognizant as possible.

“Yeah, just remember when you’re hosting something, you’re responsible for what happens at your party and you’re also responsible for people coming and going from your property, so make sure you’re under control of who’s coming, what they’re doing, and how that’s infecting (should this say affecting?) the neighborhood around you.”

Brauser went on to tell us nothing out of control has occurred as of this evening.

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