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State College Pride Ride

To celebrate June being pride month, State College is hosting a pride ride this weekend borough officials say it’s more important than ever to show support for these community members.

“It’s really about celebrating those in our community and those that haven’t been treated equitably in the past, and really celebrating those community members.”

Celebrating differences within the community starting at 4 o’clock on Saturday at the State College High School, the Pride Ride will travel through the borough and end at Sidney Friedman
Park on South Fraser Street.

“Afterwards a local artist Leo will have an art installation in the park where people can get pictures, there will be popcorn there, the Centre LGBTQA support network will be selling
t-shirts, it’s going to be a lot of fun in the parklet afterwards.”

State College officials say they always try to celebrate the month in a unique way, and after last year’s set back, it was important to come out even stronger and unted in 2021.

“This is something that State College has always tried to support and to support that very unique and distinct community with the LGBTQA community because as you see everything is still
not equitable, there are still barriers for participants from the LGBTQA+ community, and general understanding.

So, we are hoping that everyone who comes out to the event and supports the
event really do so with an open mind, and it’s really about celebrating those in our community.”

NYC Pride officials announced they will not be having the NYPD supervising its events, instead they will utilize a private security company but Shontz says, here locally, the State College
Police Department will be the ones leading the way for the pride caravan.

“Our police were heavily involved in the planning for this, the state college police department, some of the police officers there were key factors not only in identifying the route,
but they will actually be leading the parade, they are going to be the couple lead cars to make sure everything goes off safely and everyone is protected.”

Participants can receive prizes for being the best decorated car and all registration proceeds will go to the Centre LGBTQA+ Support Network.


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