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State College Problem House

More criminal problems reported at a State College rental property that Penn State and State College Police have already warned Students about. Recently filed court documents indicate State College Police were called once again to a former Fraternity House at 329 E. Prospect Avenue for a Burglary Investigation. Just a few weeks earlier, Police were investigating reports of an unconscious woman being carried out of the house and left on a nearby sidewalk. In the latest incident, Christopher Scott of State College, whose identified as the “Property Caregiver” is accused of stealing at least 9 large screen TV’s from individual rooms in the house, along with other items during the Thanksgiving break. Police say Scott was seen on camera in a house parking lot selling one of the TV’s. According to Police, Scott admitted to many of thefts, and to selling all but one of the TV’s. He waived a preliminary hearing last week on multiple charges. Last month State College and University Officials sent a mass email to Students, citing what they termed troubling behavior at the house and said Police had already been called to that address ten times during Fall Semester.

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