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State College School Fight Update

Despite reports otherwise, Centre County’s District Attorney is denying that Criminal Charges have been filed after a recent Student fight at the State College High School earlier this month.

The fight at State College Area High on February 1st between two Students, according to School District Administrators, was sparked by a photo tied to a racial slur and antisemitic image. Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna has withheld comments on possible Criminal Charges, citing the issue involving Juveniles. In a new statement, the D.A. Says during his four years in Office, no Juvenile has been directly charged in Criminal Court, and adds: “Statements that someone has been charged criminally in regards to the incident, or runs the risk of going to prison as result of this incident, are not accurate. Matters like these are the subject of Juvenile Petitions filed in Juvenile Court.”

At a School Board meeting this month, the State College Superintendent said the School District isn’t directly involved in a criminal investigation. Superintendent Robert O’Donnell saying: “That includes whether victims want to press charges in collaboration with the Police Department. We’re not involved in any decision making, or our investigation is not what they utilize to make their decision.”

Cantorna says in Juvenile Court, a Petition is filed and those involved often receive dispositions that are restorative in nature. That’s usually followed by the petitions being dismissed, with no record of what transpired.

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