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State Education Budget

Today, Governor Tom Wolf signed the states 2021-2022 education budget This includes the largest funding for public school in history of the commonwealth.

There is exactly, a 416 million dollar investment increase for public schools across Pennsylvania, including all schools in our 10-county viewing area.

“We all recognize that we all need to realize education is our future. It’s not just the future of the children in our schools, it’s the future of PA.”

On Friday, the budget passed in the house with a 140 to 61 vote, then the Senate approved it with a 43 to 7 vote, and on Wednesday Governor Tom Wolf signed it into action assuring Pennsylvania schools with a financial safety net for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

“It shows every student that we care about their education, and we care about their future. It reminds every mom and dad in PA that we are invested in the success of their children, of our children.
And it’s going to help the next generation of students succeed in PA.”

Locally, the Greater Johnstown School District is set to receive the most out of our viewing area, with more than 19 million. Dubois Area School District, Forest Hills, Punxsutawney,
Philipsburg Osceola, and Clearfield Area School Districts are also all receiving more than 12 million.

Some Centre County schools responded to the news with appreciation. Bald Eagle Area School Districts Superintendent Scott Graham says,

“I am very pleased at the increase in BEF and Special Education we are receiving this year in addition to the federal dollars the state has allocated to our district. It is greatly appreciated. It is
now my hope that the state legislature works on cyber school funding reform in their fall session which would save Pennsylvania school districts and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“The State College Area School District expects to receive approximately $900,000. As our costs continue to rise and we strive to make our schools the best they can be, we’re very appreciative of
this support.”

Governor Tom Wolf says there are many investments going along with the 416 million dollars

“It includes 200 million increases in fair funding formula. A 50 million increase in special education. It includes a 30 million dollar increase for early education and many other things.”

He also says 100 million dollars will be set aside for schools who are typically disadvantaged by previous allocations of funds.

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