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State Paddy’s Day

State Paddy’s kicks off Tonight!

The yearly holiday sees Penn State students in State College celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in town before they jet off for Spring Break.

However the excessive drinking and partying has come under scrutiny in years past and it’s led to the borough and police enforcing measures to keep the festivities under control.

But how do bars and bar-goers feel going into this year’s celebration?

With students in the middle of midterms this weekend is an opportunity for them to blow off some steam and make memories with some friends over a drink.

“Cause this is also, you know, midterm season. And it’s great that everyone just has a chance to, like, decompress.”

“This is my first rodeo. I haven’t gotten that experience yet, so I’m excited.”

But it’s also great for bars.

“It’s great for revenue, but it’s also since the pandemic, it’s been one of the best year’s we’ve had on the bar scene. There’s been a lot of pent-up demand and over the years — with this pandemic it’s been frustrating. So now that people can come out and socialize and be with each other, we really reap the benefits of that.”

But the manager of Pickle’s Taproom says this is nothing they aren’t used to with football games and other events bringing a similar atmosphere.

“It’s what we do on a daily basis. It’s typically those unregulated areas that the challenges arise. It’s the frat houses, house parties”

He says the only real preparation he has to take is people pre-gaming before hitting the bars.

“People are drinking earlier. So, tomorrow, early afternoon, we’ll just have to keep a closer eye on our guests that have been here during the day, making sure they’re still in a good place and they’re able to consume responsibly. And some of those measures that aren’t traditional on a Saturday, at 3pm.”

However, Schulman says Penn State students are “rarely the issue” during State Paddy’s.

“They care about this town. They typically operate at a pretty responsible level.”

Rather he says the issues stem more from out of towner’s flocking to state college and go a bit crazy.

State College Police have even asked folks to not invite any guests to their home this weekend. They also urged folks to follow the borough’s mask guidelines, to pick up any trash, and to not serve alcohol to those under 21 among other things.

“I actually am pretty happy with the way the student body is at bars. I see people at least kinda trying to social distance people wear their masks in and out.”

“There’s a lot of strict rules that go on during State Paddy’s. You just gotta be careful, be smart.

“Yeah, just have a good time. But be conscious about it.”

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