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State Patty’s Day and COVID-19

The upcoming Saint Patty’s Day weekend will look different as the Coronavirus continues on. We spoke with a State College Borough Official on Tuesday about staying safe in the Borough this weekend.

State Patty’s Day is usually cause for festivities around Downtown State College. However, while COVID continues to limit gatherings, that won’t be possible, and the Borough’s Communications Department says its a test to the community’s resilience to remain safe.

Assistant to the State College Borough Manager Doug Shontz adding: “This is gonna be a really big test about our resilience in our population, in our student population and our long term resident population and everyone here locally. Our resilience to keep being a COVID friendly community to make sure our businesses and those that are patronizing those businesses and restaurants and bars aren’t being put at risk, to make sure that the neighbors aren’t being put at risk.”

Shontz added that he believes the Students and the Community will largely be cautious and those who don’t are warned.

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