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State Republicans Pushing For Forensic Audit

Nearly a year later, a group of Republican state lawmakers are still seriously considering doing an extensive review whats termed a forensic audit of last year’s general election.

Political figures from Governor Wolf to County Commissioner have blasted this idea of forensic audit a review of last November’s Presidential election here in Pennsylvania. But a Republican Leader
in the State Legislature, this week, telling us just this week, is still alive

Leading the forensic election audit proposal is Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano. First he asked for detailed election information, including voting machines from there counties. None of the counties complied, Mastriano now reportedly preparing subpoena’s for them. The President Pro Temp of the State Senate. Senator Jake Corman says he’s working with Mastriano

“I’ve talked to him.were trying to provide oversight that everyone is comfortable with the election process moving forward. part of our process is oversight.this is not only the last general
election,but also the spring primary.there were a lot of problems here in Centre County in the primary with not enough ballots”

The audit process could include lawsuits, counties having to replace decertify voting machines,and a host of other costly measures. Here’s Corman’s response when we asked if the audit is just a
fishing expedition at taxpayer expense

“Well they spent two and half years of Russian collusion that produced nothing on the president.our job is to provide oversight. my phone calls from my constituents is overwhelmingly concerns about the integrity of the elections”

Lawsuits last year challenging the election were all dismissed, and no fraud reports were substantiated. An audit now will not change any election results

One person against the audit, is one with power. That would be State Attorney General Josh Shapiro who has said in several reports, an audit simply is not going to happen here in Pennsylvania.

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