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Steelers Draft

The Steelers picked up 9 new players overall thanks to a trade with Miami in the 5th round we all know how well Miami trades have worked out in the past, cough Minkah Fitzatirck.

Well Today held the final four rounds the Steelers picked up 6 guys this Afternoon two from Texas A&M in the 4th round with offensive tackle Dan Moore Jr and inside linebacker Buddy Johnson.

In round 5 they got Isaiahh Loudermilk defensive end from Wisconsin. Big Ten guy in the 6th round they got quickly Roche Linebacker from Miami then in the 7th round another ACC player punter Pressley Harvinwon the 2020 Ray Guy award which goes to the best college punter he was ranked the 4th best punter by ESPN coming out of high school.

A good final pick up by Pittsbrhg and right before Harvinwon, Tre Norwood a corner back from Oklahoma was selected now new comer Quicny Roche grew up in enemy territory but said he’s ready to trade in the Purple for the Black and Gold

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