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Steelers Go Lite In Practice

In preparations for Minnesota on Thursday, the Steelers are going with extremely light practices this week and despite being battered and beaten.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger returned to practice today.

Ben, at his weekly media availability, talked about his body a that every NFL player is rundown at this point in the season and that you have to do whatever you can to get on the field.

He is not a fan of the Thursday night games and apparently few players are, but it’s an even playing field across the league.

Ben said his teammate TJ Watt is Defensive Player of the Year candidate without question and when specifically asked about his surgically repaired elbow and how it’s holding up. He had this to say.

“Oh, it’s just a different spot on my arm, it’s my shoulder that hurts more than my elbow. My elbow feels great thanks to the doctors. It’s just dealing with, you know, I’ve thrown or some of the keep track like 1,000,000 throws in my life.
So at some point your shoulder starts to wear down a little bit. So, you know, just like any quarterback with your arms always hurts a little bit.”

Steelers just get out of an extremely physical game against Baltimore, but expect more of the same.

Thursday night it is against the Minnesota Vikings, as we said, that one has a kick off of eight.


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