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Steelers Unlikely Sunday

Less than 10%, that’s what the odds were that the Pittsburgh Steelers would qualify for the playoffs as they entered Week 18.

Not only did they have to win against Baltimore, but the rest was kind of out of their hands.

The nine and four Indianapolis Colts had to lose to the two and 13 Jacksonville Jaguars and the L.A. Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders matchup had to not end in a tie.

But before anything else, the Steelers had to handle business in Baltimore, and boy did Ben Roethlisberger ever deliver yet another chapter in his incredible career.

He hit Chase Claypool to give the Steelers a three point lead, but after the game went into overtime, he had to convert three third or fourth downs long to keep the game winning drive
alive. And he did just that, finding Ray Ray McCloud to get fourth and down an eight, which led to a game-winning field goal by Chris Boswell.

Step one was achieved with the Steelers winning 16 to 13 against the Ravens in overtime.

Step two seemed unlikely, with the Colts being heavily favored to win against the Jags. But the Jacksonville jinx held strong against the Indianapolis, losing to the Jaguars 26 to 11.

The Colts have not won in Jacksonville in seven seasons.

Now on to step three, it seemed to be the easiest Chargers and Raiders. Sunday Night Football just can’t have a tie or both the Chargers and Raiders are in and the Steelers Out.

But of course, nothing comes that easy when it comes to the Steelers.

The two teams ended up in overtime, where both teams scored field goals with two seconds left on the clock.

The Raiders nailed a 47 yard field goal, knocking the Chargers out of the playoffs and giving life to the Steelers.

Steelers meet Kansas City on Sunday night in an AFC wild card.

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