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Steelers Update

Time for sports starting things off with the NFL where the Pittsburgh Steelers will have a big showdown on Sunday Afternoon. They will hit the road to their most hated divisional rival in what could be a future playoff matchup

And that team would be the Baltimore Ravens. A group many consider a lock for a spot in the AFC Championship game. The Steelers will come into this game at 6-0. While the Ravens will host at 5-1.

These two have had quite the battles over the years since the old Browns became the Ravens, but this year will be different between the two. Baltimore has an exciting offense led by QB Lamar Jackson
he has turned this team from a defensive power to a offensive juggernaught.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger says the key is to try and limit their possessions. And keep him off the field as much as possible.

“When you got a offense as dynamic as Baltimore’s and a player as good as him and a lot of good guys on offense you want to try and keep them on the sideline. We were able to do that last week. We have to do everything we can. Its a good football team, one of the best in the league.”

Kickoff from Baltimore will be at 1 pm on Sunday.

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