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Stickers Around State College

“One says not stolen, conquered. America’s not for sale those type of phrases do match up with some of the discussions that were being done by the group that were active in Washington D.C. earlier this week.”

After reports of the stickers late Thursday night, first thing Friday morning code enforcement officers started the removal process.

“This group stands for something that is very hateful, something that is very dangerous. Something that has never been welcomed here in State College.”

Shontz says the State College area encourages everyone to use their first amendment rights but this act of hate will not be tolerated.

“Were treating this very seriously, but as for any type of treat to the community or any type of dangerous activities that would be going on here locally we have no reason to believe that.”

Although those who placed the stickers locally have not been identified yet, the stickers are labeled as part Patriot Front property which is known as an American white supremacist group. The groups website says its activist are postering cities all over the nation.

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