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Stuckey Auto Replaces American Flag

Today, a new flag was raised to replace its thirty five year old predecessor here at Stuckey Ford in Hollidaysburg. Old glory has a new home.

“It used to be about a hundred yards east of here. ”

Matt Stuckey’s Father and Grandfather have long had a flag pole rise above their family dealership in Hollidaysburg .

But after more than 3 decades, wear and tear meant it was time for a change.

“It was no longer deemed safe to be able to fly, uh, you know, this large of a flag, and it’s actually, um, you know, got to be a pretty strong pole to be able to hold all of that weight, so we had to that around the end of the year.”

So on Armed Forces Day, the stars and stripes rise again as special way to pay tribute to over 800,000 vets in the state and nearly 10,000 in Blair County who served our country.

“They’ve uh been willing to give it all, and in some cases have given it all for our country.”

Commander Lloyd Peck and retired Lieutenant Colonel Sam Dunkle were among those veterans here today for the ceremony.

“I think it’s outstanding that people come out to honor the flag.

“It’s absolutely awesome we’re doing it on Armed Forces Day, and having this flag retirement ceremony play out the way it did.”

Dunkle says it also gives a chance to pass on that tradition to next generation.

“Well, I think it’s important to have the scouts involved too because we’re teaching them lessons of our heritage, and what it means to be an American, and the price that was paid for America. “

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