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Summer Craft Beverage Expo Returns

A local craft beverage expo returned on Father’s Day. The 4th Annual Summer Craft Beverage Expo made its long-awaited return to Talleyrand Park after COVID forced them to cancel in 2020. The Event featured the Tasting Trail’s 13 members, all makers of Craft Beverages in the Region, as well as a number of non-alcoholic indulgences for those not yet old enough to drink, or just to cool off from the sweltering heat.

They held two sessions, the first from Noon to 3, and a later one from 4 to 7. Robert Duffin, who visited the Expo in the earlier half of the day, says it was a much needed experience. Duffin saying: “Oh, this is great because, uh, people were cooped up for so long that, uh, I think they’ve gone stir-crazy a little bit and it’s nice to be outside and get some fresh air and see what’s going on in the world. So yeah, this is, this is fabulous.”

Celesta Powell, the Managing Director of the Tasting Trail, says the dedication to put this event on comes with a reward. Powell adding: “But just the commitment that we were going to have an event, and the Borough (of Bellefonte) stuck with us, just, it’s exhilarating to see people out…and enjoying themselves.”

While Duffin says alcohol wasn’t a rarity for those of age trapped indoors for a year, the setting is what made this event special. Powell says this Expo was everything they hoped it would be. Central PA Tasting Trail Officials say a fifth rendition for next year is already in the works.

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