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Super Bowl LVI Recap

We will finish in the National Football League Yesterday’s big game marked the end of a tremendous season and the Rams and Bengals went down to the wire just as many envisioned it would.

Trailing by 4 in the fourth quarter Matt Stafford hit Cooper Kupp for the second time in the game to give the Rams a 23-20 lead but Joe Burrow and company had enough time for one final drive to tie things up or score and win it.

Former Pitt star Aaron Donald had other ideas.

He entered the final drive of the game with two sacks and wasn’t done.

The Bengals had a fourth and 1 game on the line Donald broke free got his hands on Joe Burrow and forced a desperation heave that fell harmlessly to the turf at So-Fi Stadium

For the second straight year a team won a Super Bowl in their home stadium something that hadn’t happened in the history of the NFL.

Cooper Kupp was named MVP.

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