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Telehealth Appointments

I found out that stress has been at peak levels for many across the U.S., And mental health professionals are not exempt from that.

The coronavirus has made life difficult for families all over the United States and throughout the world.

The same thing goes for mental health practitioners, who also have to take care of themselves while dealing with more patients through Telehealth.

Penn State graduate and local psychologist Doctor John Erickson says there are important things to do to keep up.

“Good self care, being aware of what we’re experiencing emotionally. Its the responsibility of a mental health practitioner, a psychologist, to be on top of what we’re doing, to be monitoring our own stress, our own reactions, so that we can be as effective as possible at providing care.”

Though stress has peaked during the pandemic, there may be at least some one benefit: Erickson says Telehealth may be here to stay.

“So do I expect it to continue? Yeah, I think the avenue sort of opened up that has been very useful and very helpful. I’ve experienced it to be a lot more effective than what I expected.”

Erickson added the lack of need for patients to alter schedules and travel to offices adds to the benefits of virtual medicine.


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