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Texas Cold Weather Aftermath

Following President Biden’s visit to Winter-Storm ravaged Texas Friday, the clean-up continues. The demand for Plumbers across the State continues to grow as hundreds of people try to get broken pipes and damaged water heaters fixed. Texas plumbing supply used to be just for the pros – Plumbers. Now, it’s everyone scouring stores everywhere for parts to get the water flowing.

Alfred Webster works nights and has spent the last four days trying to fix busted pipes. More than a week after a Texas sized chill bringing two-days-plus of sub-freezing temperatures and widespread blackouts. The hard reality of no running water, pipes shattered and ruptured across the Lone Star State. Modern Plumbing Company says it has fielded 7,000 inquiries, done 800 jobs and has another 500 on the books. Their 14 crews working 24/7.

It’s not just Plumbers and plumbing supplies running short, the need for water and food is growing. The Houston Food Bank – on some days says its serving up more than a Million Pounds of food and water. The Cold Weather and Storm are long gone, but the aftermath only now coming into sharp focus.

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