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The Cow Re-Opens

Many Local Restaurants are trying to make a comeback after COVID deteriorated their business and morale. We went to one Family-Owned and Operated Restaurant in Bedford County that Owners say is coming back stronger than ever.

The Cow in Pleasantville has been around for decades, but after a year-long hiatus because of COVID, they’re finally back in business. “The Cow” — which has sat off of Route 56 in Pleasantville for over 60 years — just began their very busy 2021 Season. Linda Claycomb, Co-Owner of The Cow saying: “When we opened this year, it’s been unreal. At times, there’s an hour wait for food, and unless they have something going on, they will wait for food.”

Part of the reason: Customers missed it. Last year, COVID made them close-up-shop. Linda saying: “We couldn’t meet the regulations. Inside, our quarters are small, so staff would’ve literally been on top of one another. For the safety of our employees and the community, we decided it was best not to open last year.” It was their first year not being open since Stanley and Dale Claycomb opened “The Cow” in 1958.

Five Generations of Family Members have also helped run it through the years. Scott Claycomb, the Owner’s son, saying: “I wasn’t asked to work here. I didn’t ask to work here. My grandfather said, you’re going to be working here at The Cow. I’ve been here (how many years?) I was 14 when I started, and I’m over 60”

It was originally named “Cove Soft Ice Cream” but a decoration gave them a new name. Now, they sell between 300 and 400 Hamburgers every day from beef grown on their Family Farm, and they go through 350 pounds of fresh cut potatoes every day. Customers enjoy their Blue Plate Specials, orange pineapple ice cream, and other popular favorites.

And all that History is why they’re so happy to finally be back. Linda adding: “Everyone says how glad and how thankful they are that we are back open this year.”

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