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The Grange is Buzzing About Bees

The Walker Grange in Walker Township has received the first place award for their canned goods display at the Grange Fair.

The theme of the display is The Grange is Buzzing About Bees. Geared towards education.

The Walker Grange came up with the idea to bring awareness to bees how they need to be revived. And how agriculture is dependent on bees for pollinating some of our favorite foods

The Grange President Ben Haagen and his wife came up with the theme and the exhibit coordinator Jenny Boone ran with it.

“Your display is supposed to come across to teach you something. One thing I like to incorporate and I don’t know if you’ve seen them are little facts about what our topic is. Sometimes it applies,
sometimes it doesn’t. So I put little bee facts everywhere. People stop and read them and may they learn a random fact.”

There are 4 groups on display this year. Each display has to have at least 20 canned goods on display for the competition.

These displays are in the Grange building on Gate Road between gates one and two on the fairgrounds.

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