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Virtual Thon

THON 2021 is quickly approaching, we are closing in on just one week out.

The 46 hour dance marathon is now a 46 hour livestream, meaning the power is in the hands of technology, but THON technology directors say they are more than prepared.

“I am really confident in my team to handle a crisis like that and yes we have been preparing for it,” says Andy Donato, Technology Director

The technology committee has 24 captains including Donato. They are the group behind the computers making sure everything goes off virtually, without a hitch.

“We facilitate the end user experience when it comes to the livestream were the last step of the way as it gets produced by other areas of thon and our partners,” says Donato.

Donato says the team moved all of their sites to the cloud through amazon web services so that they can handle the large number of viewers that will tune in for the weekend long dance marathon.

“This year we will be conducting all of our activities through the livestream. It will be a combination of prerecorded and live events shot at the bjc and around campus,” says Donato.

And a new feature to thon 2021… THON robots.

“They are essentially a zoom call that’s attached to a robot, that’s how I like to think of them so people can walk up to them and interact with the person controlling them, they can be driven around, so they will be used on the event floor this year,” says Donato.

The robots will be used by inpatient four diamonds children and their families. Donato says they hope the robots this year will lay the groundwork for when the Bryce Jordan Center is filled in the future and when four diamonds families cannot make it to a THON.

“We’re still working out a lot of the logistics about getting them in and getting them tested but I’m confident that they will happen this year and I’m really excited to see what they will bring,” says Donato.

THON runs from February 19th-21st, for more information head to

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