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THON 5k Event

Students at Penn State are already getting ready for THON. Organizers hosted a 5k Run on Sunday to help combat Childhood Cancer. This was the first in-person THON event in nearly two years. Each year, THON organizes events to raise awareness and money to fight Childhood Cancer. It ends with the famed 24-hour Dancing Marathon, but other events like this begin the long race to the finish.

Sunday on top of a Children’s Running Race, there was a Five-Kilometer Run. One Runner before the race was pumped to say the least. Lucas Esposito, 5k Runner & PSU Senior saying: “I’m running today. I’m actually trying to be an IDC this year — Individual Dancer Couple — so I’m trying to raise money. And I love THON — I’m on the THON Committee and it’s a great cause. I mean, you look around and see it’s awesome, it’s awesome. Like, it’s an awesome feeling, like, I don’t know — it’s a great time! I’m ready.”

It’s a festive event that brings many people in the community together for something that has caused sadness in many families’ lives. Anna Bellettiere & Christine Williams, Family Relations Captains adding: Anna – “I think one of the best things is being able to see the impact that we’ve had on so many families, and truly receive the impact back. It’s truly a full circle event where we feel like we’ve been impacted so much.” Christine – “Yeah, there’s nothing better than seeing a child smile because we’re just making them happy, making their day.”

At the event are also THON Families whose children have been affected by Cancer and other serious illnesses. Hope Hilsenrath, a THON 5k Captain saying: “I mean, THON is just such a big part of Penn State. Everyone at Penn State, or near Penn State, knows about it. We love spreading our mission to as many people as we can.”

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