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Thon 5K

This Sunday, the annual Penn State Thon 5k race will return to Penn State’s campus, after the covid pandemic prevented the run from happening in person last year.

Dylan Huberman spoke with Thon 2022’s Media Relations Lead this Afternoon and brings us those details.

Last year the race was virtual. This weekend, it’ll be back in Happy Valley without the need for screens.

Although Thon itself takes place several months from now, this 5k is one of many events held leading up to the dance marathon.

“It really just spreads Thon’s mission on a yearlong basis and also provides the opportunity, um, for us to raise money for Thon through the 5k, and also just to create special
moments between volunteers, organizations, families, supporters, and it’s just a great opportunity to bring the Thon community together throughout the year.”

Megan Dalo, the Media Relations Lead for Thon this year, says she’s thrilled to see it back on campus.

“Its so exciting to have the in person 5k back. That’s going to be taking place this Sunday, October 10th on Penn State University Park’s Campus, and we are so, so excited to
have, you know, our the Thon community, supporters, volunteers, some families there, just to enjoy those in person interactions that we missed so much.”

But the virtual element will still exist for those who won’t be able to come to Happy Valley on Sunday.

“Just to engage members of the Thon community from all over the world that can’t necessarily make it to State College, they can still participate and be a part of our mission.”

And while the 5k is the headliner, other events will be taking place around it too.

“So, we definitely encourage the public to come and run with us for the kids but there’s also going to be a lot of other things going on at the 5k, like performances, um, different,
you know, events, there’s going to be families to interact with, and it’s just going to be a really great opportunity to unite the THON community.”

You can register in person Sunday Morning or online through the Thon website.

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