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THON Update

Thon 2021 is here, and while it may look different, organizers say their goal remains the same.

Today they dance for the kids currently, there are viewers livestreaming the event, just like I am from their couch.

A few hours into day 1 of the worlds largest student run philanthropy in the world through a computer.

“…from wherever you are watching 46 live”

But that isn’t holding any of the participants back from tackling the 46 hour dance marathon.

And while the Bryce Jordan Center may not look like this.

The end goal of thon remains the same, dancing for a cause.

“There’s about 650, give or take a few, so were down about 100 dancers. But what was interesting this year, which is pretty cool, is anyone who independent danced got it. There really was no lottery because of limited people.
But a cool thing we are seeing out of this is this is the first year we have a lot of freshman dancing.”

Thon tech directors say the livestream can hold up to 12 thousand people, and they are expecting viewers from over 30 countries to tune through out the weekend.

“This year for the technology committee we actually moved all of our sites to the cloud through amazon web services and that gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of how many people can be on at once. We certainly have the
experience and background for what it takes to have that many people on our sites, and we have the ability to scale up if it ever becomes an issue.”

To Tune Into The THON Livestream, Head Over To Their Website At THON.ORG At Any Point This Weekend.


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