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Thurman Update

According to Bedford County District Attorney Leslie Childers-Potts, the charges against Orsino Thurman, the activist involved in the Bedford County shooting in August of 2020, have been held for court.

Thurman was in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing after being arraigned last week.

Investigators say Thurman was amongst a group of Black Lives Matter protestors who were traveling from Wisconsin to Washington D.C. when they were confronted by two Bedford County residents.

Police say the two parties exchanged gunfire, resulting in Thurman being injured.

He and 51-year-old Terry Myers, the Bedford resident who allegedly shot at the group of activists, were both charged in the shooting.

Thurman faces several charges including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and illegal possession of a firearm, court dockets show.

He is being housed at the Bedford County Prison on $350,000 bail.

Meanwhile, Bedford County District Attorney Leslie Childers-Potts says her office has agreed to withdraw the criminal charges filed against Myers in exchange for testimony against Thurman at his trial.

In a press release Thursday, District Attorney Childers-Potts explained that Myers has cooperated with investigators since the beginning, and his testimony could help ensure Thurman is successfully prosecuted for crimes across multiple states.

She says, if Myers truthfully testifies, his charges will be withdrawn at the conclusion of the case against Thurman.

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