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Tina Miller Investigation Update

The jury was charged this afternoon after closing arguments concluded. Now Paul Ross awaits the verdict.

Ross, who was sentenced to life in prison sixteen years ago for the murder of Tina Miller, was granted a retrial by a superior court a decade ago after they ruled he was not given a fair trial.

Today featured closing arguments from both sides of the aisle.

Defense attorney Thomas Dickey went first, repeatedly emphasizing that Miller’s apartment keys were missing, how her apartment was trashed to hide connections between her and killer, and how it made no sense for Ross to take them because he had no idea where she lived.

Prosecutor Rich Consiglio then made his final remarks, hitting home the repeated testimony saying miller didn’t own a cell phone, and that expert witnesses said the beer bottle Ross purchased and found at the scene could have caused the injuries to Miller leading up to her eventual death.

He concluded with a chilling plea to the jury, saying quote “Tina Miller’s soul has cried out for nearly seventeen years for justice. You have a chance to give it to her.”


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