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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Recap

After being postponed for a year due to the Pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games came to a close this Sunday. Here’s more about the Ceremony and what came out of these Olympics.

The closing ceremony of these Tokyo Olympics marks the end of one of the most unique, polarizing and inspiring Olympic Games ever. Sportsmanship was on full display. Athletes showed respect for one another and celebrated each other. It’s tough to make it to the Olympics in normal times, amid a pandemic, even more so. By the time the cauldron was lit, a wide range of emotion was already burning. After all they’d been through, all the added discipline it took just to make it, athletes turned to each other, no matter the color of their uniform, and acknowledge what they’d just overcome together.

These Olympics will always be remembered for the light they shined on mental health. Simone Biles, one of the greatest athletes ever, removed herself from competing on her sport’s biggest stage to prioritize her mental health over her medal count. She raged against a long, ingrained culture in sport that says, barring serious injury, you keep pushing forward no matter what. There’s a movement happening before our eyes. Athletes becoming advocates for mental health, having an impact far beyond just the world of sports. Simone Biles has now become one of its greatest champions.

The most heartfelt reflection of these Olympics is of the host nation, Japan, and of the people of this special place. This isn’t the Olympics Japan had envisioned or hoped for. It is heartbreaking because the people deserve the best circumstances to show off who they are and how they are to the world. They respect everyone and everything around them. this culture and the people of Japan.

As for the athletes from Japan, they’ve won more gold medals than any games in which they’ve ever competed in, something of which this host nation can be so proud.

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