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Tow Truck Driver Funeral

And this is just so sad, For a tow truck driver who was killed in an accident last weekend was held in State College today and Douglas Braff attended the funeral, where the driver was honored by so many. Douglas, what can you tell us about it?

This community has lost a true friend to all 80 year old Jim Corol graced the lives of so many people here in the Happy Valley. Many people told me today at the Service Corps was tragically killed along Interstate 80 outside his tow truck when he was removing a disabled vehicle on the highway.

His truck was rear ended while parked and burst into flames on Friday. It wasn’t just his loved ones who came to his funeral. A fleet of tow trucks from all across Pennsylvania flocked to the state to state college to pay tribute to a loyal friend and a colleague.

One family friend described Cole as someone loved by all those he met.

“Yeah, Jim was a pillar of the community, willing to give his literally his shirt off his back for someone in need. He was loved by every fire department in the central region and respected by every towing and trucking company in central Pennsylvania.”

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