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Tow Truck Driver Killed in Clinton County

Truck driver was killed in Clinton County while removing a disabled vehicle on I-80. And as our Dylan Huberman reports, safety issues loom large after this tragedy. Jim Coral’s death has local first responders shaken for more reasons than one.

He was well-liked in the community. He was well-liked in the fire department. Jim Coral was tragically killed outside his tow truck in an accident on Interstate 80 eastbound by the Logan Twp exit.

“Jim was just one of those individuals that would do anything for you at any time.”

“Drop whatever he was doing always had a kind word and he was just a wonderful man to be around.”

He was killed when a vehicle rear ended his parked truck and caught fire. The state police report says he was outside of the truck attempting to remove a disabled semi-trailer when the crash occurred.

Gabriel, who was one of many at the fire to have worked with Cole, was infuriated and believes this should not have even happened.

“It actually makes me angry as a first responder. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed the move over.Law, which went into effect on April 27th of this year, requires all motorists to move over into the far lane whenever there is a first responder working. And if they cannot move over, they must slow down in their present lane closest to that first responder.”

A minimum of 20 miles per hour, this should have been preventable because that individual should have been into the farthest lane and tow truck drivers don’t have as much preventative equipment as fire companies do, which could have made a difference.

“Here they have. They use flares, they use use user yellow lights and stuff like that, but they don’t have the red lights and stuff like fire departments have words as often and positions similar to where call was, and says drivers need to be more cautious when approaching and passing responders.”

“People don’t seem to want to pay attention. They don’t slow down. I mean, no passers at high rates of speed are not paying attention to what’s going on and you know that concern to us. State police investigation into the incident is ongoing.”

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