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Treasure Coverup Update

An update to a story we’ve been following for years. An alleged Conspiracy involving the FBI, local Treasure Hunters, and 50 Pounds of Gold. 3 years ago, the FBI claiming that there were no findings in a day long dig of a remote site in Elk County, but now we learn there’s more to the story.

This case dates back to 2008, when Dennis and Kem Parada, Co-Owners of Finders Keepers, claimed there was Gold dating back to the Civil War in Dents Run. In 2012, the pair claimed they found the Gold, but Federal Law prevented them from digging it up. The FBI & DCNR dug up the site saying that they were there for a Court-authorized excavation of a potential “Cultural Heritage Site.”

Dennis Parada says they had a verbal agreement with the FBI to keep quiet about the search and that they would be given a finder’s fee for the Gold, but that never happened. Now, according to Government emails and recently released documents on this case, the FBI was looking for Gold.

Dennis Parada, Owner of Finder’s Keepers, adding: “There’s a lot of stuff in these emails that we are sending out to the public, beyond that there’s a Warrant that the FBI served to DCNR to get on the property and the Warrant can’t be found. With the info we have we have no problem going forward we have no problem bringing this to the Senate Subcommittee or anybody I believe we’ve overdone this.”

Finders Keepers along with their Lawyer are hosting a Press Conference Wednesday to discuss their Legal Action taken against the FBI. We’ll have more on this Wednesday.

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