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Tyrone Explosion Update

24 Hours after residents on Pennsylvania Avenue in Tyrone were allowed to return back into their homes after a nearby neighbors exploded on Monday after a gas leak, Michael Burg, an attorney who has dealt with more than 50 cases similar to this says they deserve immediate answers.

“The community should be up and arms about this. They should be demanding answers.”

But Attorney Micheal Burg says, they need to know the right questions to ask.

“They need to know what kind of pipes. Where did the explosion occur? One thing gas company’s like to do immediately is say ah ha, it’s from something in the house, they are trying to figure out a way to blame either the homeowner or an appliance, when in fact it usually has to do with a gas line that has been either fractured or leaking.”

And other than just asking the gas company itself, Burg says Tyrone residents should get local elected officials involved. Mayor Bill Latchford says he has received some questions from community
members who were nervous to return home on Tuesday he says quote,

“I totally understand the uneasy feeling and I told them it will take some time to feel comfortable again in the area of the explosion. It is 100% understandable to feel that way.”

But he says Peoples Natural Gas employees have actively been in the area because he believes they too are being overly cautious and want residents to feel confident again.

One thing burg says to always keep in mind

“If you smell gas you have to call the gas company and you have to evacuate the house.”

Which officials say in this case a resident did and that’s why a People’s Natural Gas employee was on sight at the time of the explosion but now, Burg suggests asking a follow up question.

“The first question is when was the first gas leak reported and how long did it take them to get there time is of the essence.”

I reached out to Peoples Natural Gas spokesperson Barry Kukovich and he says he agrees with Burg people should have questions, and he says it’s png’s interest to also find out what happened.

He ends with the company is completely cooperating with authorities during this investigation period.

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