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Tyrone Family Fundraising

There have been multiple Go Fund Me pages set up to help the families one hosted by Tyrone Councilman David Snyder for the Daugherty family. This family lost their 83 year old Grandmother
Anna Hunsicker, and Bruce Daughtery is recovering from his injuries in a Pittsburgh hospital.

Another Go Fund Me page for the family of 6 next door was set up as well they lost everything in the fire, and while this is all happening, they are expecting a new baby boy according to the website.

And Today, just minutes away from where the explosion happened, two brothers ages 13 and 9 hosted a lemonade stand Today from 10 to 2. And Gardners Candies hosted an ice cream fundraiser each ice cream sold, Gardners donated $1 for the victims of the explosion.

“They can buy stuff they need say they need food. They can buy food, clothes, shoes, maybe even rent a house until their houses can be clear. Because from my understanding the whole block was shut down.”

The Boyer family raised nearly a thousand dollars, and the go fund me pages are both sitting over 3,000.

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