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U.N. Secretary General Says Enough is Enough

The UN Secretary General says enough is enough when it comes to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

It’s just one of Monday’s many diplomatic, political, financial, military and humanitarian developments.

Emily Schmidt reports on the talks and actions as Ukraine continues to fight for its freedom.

It took this Ukrainian disaster to spark a world diplomacy not seen for 40 years.

“The fighting in Ukraine must stop.

The UN General Assembly held an emergency meeting for the first time since 1982 condemning Russia’s attacks and supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty, calling for peace.

“For the first time since the UN was born, there is a full-fledged war in the center of Europe”

War images emerge from all over the country attacks that appeared to be on a section of Kharkiv

Outside Kyiv signs of losses for Russia Ukranians fighting, inspired by their President’s rallying calls.

“He is our president. He is our leader. He’s leader of the armed forces of Ukraine.”

More fallout Moscow’s stock exchange closed Monday when economic sanctions caused the ruble to lose nearly a third of its value

Russia closed its airspace to airlines from 36 countries.

And Ukraine and Russia held talks in Belarus amid fears troops from Belarus could support Russia.

So much remarkable movements including this

The UN now estimates more than half a million people have fled Ukraine seeking safety with their homeland very much still in danger.

I’m Emily Schmidt, reporting.

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was putting nuclear weapons on high alert.

A senior US defense official tells reporters the US hasn’t seen anything specific since that announcement.


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