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Ukraine Humanitarian Concerns

Amid the constant onslaught of Russian attacks, millions of Ukrainian civilians are fleeing for their lives as their communities come under siege.

While the Ukrainian President pleads with the west for more assistance, the U.S. And European Allies are drawing redlines over how far they are willing to go. When staring down Russian President Vladmir Putin.

Chris Nguyen has the latest on the growing humanitarian crisis. As Russian attacks intensify in Ukraine

The humanitarian crisis deepening by the minute.

“This horror cannot be endured.”

Ukrainian authorities say at least twenty one civilians were killed in a Russian air strike overnight in the city of Sumy.

Several attempts to evacuate civilians failed earlier this week Western leaders accusing Russian forces of targeting pre approved safe routes.

“Targeting civilians is a war crime and its totally unacceptable.”

According to the United Nations nearly five hundred civilians have been killed since the war began but officials believe the number is even higher.

More than two million refugees have already fled the country.

“We have not seen in Europe a crisis escalating so fast since the Second World War.”

Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky attempting to shame the West to save his people.

“The fault is with the occupants, but the responsibility is with Those who still haven’t secured Ukrainian skies from the Russian killers”

But the U.S. And Europe must walk a fine line facing a Nuclear armed Russia.

Tuesday President Biden amping up economic pressure by banning Russian energy imports.

While NATO is still ruling out a no fly zone.

“We have a responsibility to ensure the conflict does not escalate and spread beyond Ukraine. That would be even more dangerous, destructive, and even more deadly.”

In Washington, I’m Chris Nguyen reporting.

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