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Unusual Hit & Run

In Clearfield County police are investigating after a Walmart tractor trailer struck and damaged a home on West Hannah Street in Houtzdale Monday Night.

According to police the driver pulled out of the front of the home and continued down state route 53 without contacting police.

They say the homeowner did attempt to stop the driver.

Homeowner Erica Maxfield tells us heating their home is now extremely difficult now due to the broken windows and damage to the home.

They are also concerned if the home is structurally sound to stay in and are waiting on the insurance company to inspect the home.

“People just don’t understand they’re going so fast coming around here. And they miss the turn and end up on the sidewalk and here we are. And now I’ve got a disabled mother. And we’re trying to figure out what we can do about there’s no heat in the house. I mean the heat is on but the windows are busted out.”

Maxfield tells us this isn’t the first time a vehicle has crashed into the home.

A Walmart spokesperson released a statement on the incident saying they are looking into it as well and will work with police as the incident is investigated.

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