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Update on Ross Re-Trial

A Jury heard continuing Testimony Tuesday in the Re-Trial of Paul Ross for the Murder of Tina Miller. Just as we’ve seen for over the past week, more Forensic Testimony was presented to the Jury Tuesday, this time focusing on the tape on Tina Miller’s body and foot impressions from the scene.

In the video is Canoe Creek State Park, where Tina Miller was killed in 2004. A now idle view compared to the day and year Paul Ross was convicted of her murder and later granted a second chance at freedom.

The Commonwealth began proceedings Tuesday morning by calling Robert Elsavage, who works as a Forensic Scientist with Pennsylvania State Police, and was responsible for examining several pieces of duct tape that were used to tie up Tina Miller’s hands and cover her mouth. Elsavage compared those pieces to both a roll of tape found in the lake that day as well as a roll found in Ross’s home, concluding the roll from Ross’s home definitely didn’t match the pieces in question but that the roll in the lake could be the source, though he could not conclude that definitively.

Randy Mocello, a now-retired Examiner in the State Police Crime Lab, later testified that the shoe prints found nearby the scene “Correspond to the bottom of the black boots Miller wore that night,” which had been introduced last week.

Additional Testimony will come in the following days as we continue our coverage on this case.

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