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UPMC Altoona Vaccines

6 Front-line health care workers from UPMC Altoona received their vaccinations Today.

Emergency room nurse Brittany Leese was first to receive the vaccine.

She’s been working on the front lines from months, taking in COVID-19 patients, some of whom are in critical condition.

Leese tells us, she’s excited to have the opportunity to get the vaccine and she hopes she can lead by example.

Chief quality officer, Dr. David Burwell says health care workers are enthusiastic about the vaccine, and says he’s been receiving calls and emails from numerous individuals asking when they can receive it.

Burwell says they are in the planning stages for administering the remaining 975 vaccines to front-line staff.

Burwell says he was excited by the reasons each of the 6 staff members gave for wanting to go first.

“Not only to protect and be able to continue to care for our community at the highest possible levels, but also that we’re willing to stand first for them and to show that it’s safe and effective.”

Burwell adds that receiving the vaccinations first is somewhat of a thank you to health care workers who have sacrificed so much and worked so hard during the pandemic.

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