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UPMC & SCASD Mask Update

This new variant of Coronavirus has seen alarmingly high transmission rates across the country over the last few weeks.

This has led to health officials calling for protocols to get amped up once again in the Commonwealth and beyond.

“We have to keep masking and distancing because masking and distancing prevents transmission of the virus. Vaccine has an important prt to play in preventing serious complications, and it plays some part with transmission too, and this is not just to protect us in our communities but this actually has to happen across the state, across our regions, across the nation, and across the globe.”

Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe praised health officials for their work up to this point and said we need to heed their advice.

“The hours, the sweat, the tears that they’ve put into this last year and a half has been tremendous; let’s listen to them. When they’re speaking, when they’re giving advice out, let’s really listen
to what they’re saying. They’re on the front lines, they’re seeing COVID-19 up close and personal.”

UPMC Doctor Graham Snyder says that vaccines are necessary to mitigate this new strain.

“I want to be really clear: as a hospital epidemiologist, as an infectious diseases doctor, as somebody who has loved ones who are vulnerable to complications of COVID-19, I want everybody who’s
eligible to get the vaccine to be vaccinated, period. Vaccines matter, they are having an important impact already on the pandemic and the more of us that are vaccinated, the greater that impact
will be.”

For State College Area School District Superintendent Bob O’Donnell, the decision to mandate masking indoors to begin the Fall was driven by immense caution.

“There’s different opinions on, on what we should be doing, um, as a school district and what we’re trying to remain focused on is doing what’s best for kids, as well as safe for kids and employees,
and the fact of the matter is we, we don’t want students, um, quarantined or in isolation missing school.“

Commissioner Pipe says an old saying from his grandmother perfectly embodies any discord towards the vaccine, and that people who haven’t gotten it need to think long and hard about why.

“My grandma had a great saying, it was, you know, ‘whatever floats your boat, but doesn’t sink mine,’ and I think that’s the key thing is when we start to do things that sink other people’s boats and affect them, I think that’s where we have to really look at our personal responsibility.”

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