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UPMC Vaccinations

Altoona’s Station Medical Center opened it’s new mass vaccination clinic this morning and officials tell me it will remain open indefinitely.

UPMC representatives say more than 60 residents received their first dose of the vaccine Today with over 150 more already signed up to receive their first dose Tomorrow. The center is giving doses of the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines, with the hope of administering the Johnson and Johnson and Astrazeneca vaccines once they are FDA approved.

Site administrator Douglas Husey says the goal is to vaccinate at least 100 community members in phase 1a every day, but that could be expanded. He tells me the Station Medical Center is large enough to vaccinate up to 2000 individuals if necessary.

After patients receive that first dose they are monitored for any reactions over a 15 minute period. Every vaccine recipient has to register prior to their appointment. As more vaccines become available, the center will keep calling names on it’s waitlist in batches to set up first appointments. Once they have their first dose, they’ll schedule an appointment to get their second dose, something Husey assures patients they will get.

“Everyone that has a vaccine will be guaranteed their second vaccine. That’s very important to us so that first we make sure that we have the vaccine and you get called and we have it for you and then when you arrive, you’re guaranteed your second vaccine as well.”

The center will operate Monday through Friday from 8 to 4. Representatives are encouraging more residents to sign up and be added to that waitlist. To do so you can call 844-umpc-vac or visit

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