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Vaccine Distribution Concerns

As the distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccines continues across the Country, some Nursing Home and Care Facilities in our region say they’re still waiting on guidance. We spoke with one Personal Care Facility Owner who is speaking out about the plan thus far.

The Coronavirus Vaccine is being distributed to Nursing Homes and Care Centers across the region, with CVS and Wallgreens coordinating shipments. However, the Owner of Wynwood House Personal Care Homes says he hasn’t received a call. Vincent Romanini, Owner/Administrator of Wynwood House Personal Care Homes says he has not been contacted regarding a vaccine shipment. He wants some transparency and to know there is a plan, but says as of now: “We know nothing.”

We reached out to the Health Department to address Romanini’s claims, and here was their response: “The logistics and distribution of the Federal Pharmacy Partnership Program was determined by the CDC and CVS/Walgreens. The critical piece of vaccine distribution continues to be the ability for the manufacturers to produce vaccine. This is why the process remains very fluid. It is important for Pennsylvanians to know that every individual that wishes to receive the vaccine will be vaccinated. We are asking that individuals remain patient as more vaccine is produced and distributed to Pennsylvania.”

Romanini also stressed the importance of communication and transparency from both the DOH and those two Pharmacies to Care Centers as the solution to this issue.

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