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Vaccine Hesitancy

As the push continues to increase the state vaccination rate,some have decided they’re not getting vaccinated, vaccine hesitancy its called. A new Penn State study estimates up to 25 percent of the state population may be in that category

The study from Penn State Harrisburg found vaccine hesitancy is highest in rural areas and among the younger populations. Reason cite not to be vaccinated, lack of faith in the vaccine and opposition to the government program

“What weve realized is that its no longer and a issue of access,its is an issue of not interested in getting vaccinated”

The health department stepping up out reach programs, with the governor visiting numerous communities. They point out a stark reality in many of the newest covid cases

unfortunately at this stage many of our deaths are preventable because they are the un-vaccinated individuals at this point who are not only catching covid,but also succumbing to covid”

The study also finds Republicans less likely to be vaccinated than Democrats,and black and Hispanic residents AHD the highest vaccination hesitancy rates among the surveyed races
some states are offering incentives to be vaccinated, here the department of health says they’re considering something,but nothing serious at this point.

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