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Vaccine Rollout Woes

The Coronavirus has now claimed more lives than the populations of Orlando or Cincinnati. To make matters worse, the distribution of the Vaccines are happening at a much slower pace than promised. People are having to wait in long lines just to get the first dose.

More than 350,000 Americans now dead from the Coronavirus. For context, that’s more than the populations of cities like Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Lexington, Kentucky. Hospitalizations also showing no sign of slowing, staying above the 100,000 mark for the 32nd straight day. In hard-hit Los Angeles, Doctors now warning that this is a big problem for anyone with any medical issue.

Former CNN Host and Talk Show legend Larry King is now among the many hospitalized with the Virus. A source close to the family telling CNN that the 87-year-old has been at Cedars Sinai Medical Center for over a week. Meanwhile, frustrations growing over a slower-than-expected Vaccine rollout. The CDC reports just 4 million Vaccine doses have been administered in the United States. Falling very short of the Government’s goal to reach 20 million people before the New Year.

Just take a look at this scene in St. Johns County, Florida. A line of cars stretching for more than 3 miles, some waiting for more than 13 hours to be one of just 600 people to get the Vaccine. Everyone else was turned away. A similar scene unfolding in Houston. Mayor Sylvester Turner saying they had so many calls for appointments that it crashed the system.

For those who were lucky enough to get the Vaccine, remember they’ll all have to come back in a few weeks for their second dose.

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