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Veterans ” Outdoor Therapy” Center

Plans are being unveiled for a sizable facility in Centre County aimed at helping our veterans who are struggling with mental health and other related issues.

The project includes the concept of “outdoor therapy.”

The Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans Organization has a simple mission: To reduce the suicide rate among our military veterans.

They’re going about it in a unique way, and now on the drawing board for the organization is the use of close to 5,000 acres in Centre County to help them with the mission.

It’s is a tragic and staggering figure: Every day in this country we lose about 20 veterans, including active duty personnel, to suicide.

The Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans Organization wants to build the facility, a lodge near Moshannon, in northwestern Centre County as a place where vets could not only bond and receive help, but also go hunting or fishing on the more than 5,000 acres.

The organization believes there is a strong healing effect through reconnecting with nature.

The organization’s founder and CEO, Ryan Bowman, served in the army in Iraq and is also now an emergency medical technician.

He says the Moshannon property offers unique opportunities for their project and feels that if they’re successful, the lodge would be among the largest in the nation, tying nature and therapy together to benefit veterans.

Fundraising and community support are crucial for the project to move forward.

This week, representatives from the Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans Group will be meeting with municipal officials in Centre County to discuss their plans.

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