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Walmart Hiring

Walmart is looking to hire thousands of new employees across their supply chain network.

This includes the Bedford Distribution Center, which is one of many Walmart facilities holding a 2 day hiring event.

The retail giant is looking to add 180 people to the team here in Bedford over the next 5 months.

The coronavirus pandemic cost many people their livelihoods, forcing many businesses large and small to close down for good.

However, the chain store is looking to turn the tables, offering close to 200 new positions in Bedford thanks to a spike in sales.

“You know, Walmart and Sam’s Club have over 250 supply chain facilities nationwide, and our second-quarter earnings report showed that we had an amazing quarter and are poised to grow, and we need to grow our amazing supply chain family to meet this demand.”

The Bedford Center is holding an onsite hiring event Wednesday and Thursday, and Metzger says the same is happening across the country.

“We’re hiring an additional 20,000 new associates to work in our supply chain facilities. We’re talking about distribution centers, fulfillment centers and transportation offices, and nearly all of
them are hiring right now.”

And these new positions come in different areas all over the company.

“This includes traditional roles that we’ve always offered, to more tech-centered jobs of the future. We’ve got something for everyone.”

The event will conclude at 6 o’clock Thursday Night.

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