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WAY Fruit Farm Arts Fest

Many regional art exhibitions, including the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, have been cancelled on account of the pandemic.

However, a Centre County farm owner decided to host an Art Festival himself after growing tired of the cancellations.

Artsfest is normally the epicenter of creativity in Centre County in the summer.

However, the famed festival was called off for a second straight year a few weeks back.

Seeing this, Way Fruit Farm co-owner Jason Coopey saw an opportunity to take up the mantle, and said his large property, which already holds a number of events every year, could pull it

“Right now it’s strawberry season, and we’re very used to handling crowds because our…you pick strawberries are very busy but we decided that we could handle one more event this year
because everything kept cancelling, and I was very upset that things were cancelling even though…I think we can do them safely at this point in time.”

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