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Westmont Arrest Update

Two teenagers are behind bars after authorities tell us they were in the “planning phases” of a school shooting at Westmont Hilltop High School.

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer says 17-year-old Logan Pringle of Conemaugh Township and 16-year-old Preston Hinebaugh of Upper Yoder Township were charged as adults.

“They are both charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and Mr. Hinebaugh is also charged with a count of conspiracy to commit criminal trespass, and possession of a firearm by a minor,” Neugebauer told 6 News.

Police say Hinebaugh let Pringle into the school Tuesday, who was expelled from Westmont Hilltop and was not allowed to be on school property.

Don Hess, Chief of the Upper Yoder Police Department, says that was one of the key elements of the beginning of this investigation.

“That subject was court-ordered forbidden from trespassing on Westmont School District property due to a prior threat he had made, literally threatening quote, ‘To shoot up Westmont High School,'” Hess said.

Authorities say a concerned parent alerted the school that Pringle had been there.

“Recent events, including this one, must serve as a reminder that we all should remain alert to protect ourselves and those around us,” Neugebauer said.

Investigators say, because of subsequent search warrants executed throughout the week, five AR-15 style firearms, a rifle, a shotgun, and additional ammunition were seized from Hinebaugh’s home.

Hess says the police department can prove that Hinebaugh had “access and control to at least two of the weapons at different points in time.”

Upper Yoder Police cite Pringle’s Instagram account, where they say he is seen posing with weapons.

“Everybody involved in this investigation strongly believes that the individuals were in the planning phases of a school shooting,” Hess told 6 News.

“I do believe that tragedy was prevented,” Neugebauer agreed.

As for concerned and scared parents, students, and teachers, Chief Hess says there is no longer a threat.

Pringle and Hinebaugh are both incarcerated in the Cambria County Prison.

In addition to local police departments and the District Attorney’s office, the Department of Homeland Security, ATF, FBI, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are involved with this investigation.

But they say it all started with a concerned parent, who potentially prevented a terrible disaster.

“This event, along with recent events across the country recently, is a great reminder that if you see something, say something. If something seems out of place, or if you know something is out of place, please contact the appropriate authorities, and it will be investigated,” he continued.

But Chief Hess says this incident should be a reminder that action needs to be taken.

“Unfortunately, this needs to serve as a wakeup call. We need action, and we need action now. That means a trained professional, who is armed, in both of our buildings, to ensure the safety of our children,”

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