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What to do with the Old Centre Crest Building

A former nursing home operated by Centre County is now vacant. What to do with the building is going to be the subject of a special review.

For close to 80 years, Centre Crest was located here in Bellefonte. A nursing home owned and operated by Centre County government. Now there’s a new Centre Crest location with the former
site,and its more than 100 thousand square feet being studied

“The board of commissioners has selected an architect firm to conduct an adaptive reuse study of the centre crest building”

County administrators will use the information in deciding whether to refurbish and keep the building,or possibly sell it or look at other options. Federal covid relief money may play a

“We are hearing early signs that American rescue plan funds can be used for certain parts of the project.that would greatly reduce the burden on general fund dollars that would be used
from county taxes.that’s positive news. I want to make the best use out of the space and the study is going to be a good blueprint to see how we go forward”

Due to previous rezoning of the Centre Crest property, using the building for apartments will not be among the options considered.

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