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Windber Rambler Football

Our next stop on the high school football preview tour hails from the Westpac a well established program with a tenured head coach that knows a thing or two about contending year in and year outI’m talking about Matt Grohals Windber Ramblers

Windber enters 2021 in a great place the Ramblers ripped through the Westpac once again in 2020 going 6-1 in the league en route to a playoff berth and a 7-2 overall record, this year Windber welcomes back a wealth of talent on both sides of the football.

Headlined by returners John Shuster, Keith Charney, Dylan Tomlinson, Ethan Brady, and Aidan Grey among others, the Ramblers are no doubt a Westpac frontrunner at seasons beginning but that only goes so far.

They know they will have to earn everything they get once the ball goes in the air


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